【Tokyo】 Banh mi bakery


Ebisu is the place where gather girls who are models of fashion magazines. and Ebisu has different faces. Ski walk exit where has the garden place which is the popular mall is high-end residential area. The west side exit has countless various restaurants. but Ebisu also has the face that makes you Japanese oldtown like Showa era. This bakery is located in such a nostalgic east side of Ebisu.


There is the standing signage on the street, so you can find the bakery easily even though you are down and feeling the end of the world when you walk. so let’s get energy by eating Banh mi.


This Façade which makes me remember a food stand in Vietnam is awesome. the way of bread display is as same as Vietnamese. .

There are no table, only take-away. you can eat it at your home or find a park near there.

バインミーサイゴン 780円 / ヴェトナムコーヒー 350円(セットは250円)

It was so delicious.


Vietnamese coffee was not so bitter and taste nice.

Ingredients are pate, fried pork, pickled carrot and Japanese radish, coriander and souse. Seasoning wasn’t too strong, and bread was delicious too. They sell their bread, so I will buy it and try to make my sandwich with it next time.

You can relieve your stress after you eat their bread. #by the way, what am I saying??

See you later!