I realized that 3 things by eating strawberry varieties.


I went to strawberry picking the other day.


There were several strawberry brands, and I tasted test them. I visited the farm Holty Kaiduka this time.

Google said that the farm is in Kasukabe where is around 1 hour from Tokyo, but in fuct, it took over 2 hours. Of cause I called then before I was late. *This is very important as Japanese culture. however, they were so kind and welcomed me as same as sweetness of strawberry.

I tried 4 types of strawberry.

Beni Hoppe
Tochi otome
Yayoi hime

To be honest, I couldn’t find difference by their appearance. I personally liked Yayoi-hime and Tochi-otome. but, it would be depends on the location or how strong sunlight there was. other varietes were sweeter in some places. So, I researched it.

sugar content
  • Yotus-boshi 10.6°
  • Tochi-otome 9.9°
  • Bebu hoppe 9.3°
  • Yayoi-hime 9°
【いちご図鑑】23種類のブランド・品種をご紹介!糖度や味の違いがわかる |じゃらんニュース

When it comes average sugar content, Yotsu-boshi is winner. I also searched prices of each, and they are almost same.


I found out that by eating and comparing.

  1. An environment is more important than brands.
  2. Tochi-otome has intense flavor and sweetness. so eat as they are.
  3. Yayoi-hime is good for fruits sandwiches.

See you again.